After Retirement

The Watford Affair

In May of 1977 a meeting took place between Bobby Moore and Elton John in the Howard Hotel in London. The conversation was about Bobby becoming manager of Watford of whom Elton John had become Chairman. Bobby Moore and Elton John

The meeting went well with both men getting on famously and after a short discussion a 3 year contract with a salary of £15,000 pa was agreed. This was well paid for a manager but by no means excessive in 1977. A further meeting was planned 5 days later at the Memories Of China restaurant in London's West End for the deal to be signed and agreed by the Watford board's financial advisors. Mooro was thrilled at the prospect and with his footballing knowledge and experience and Elton John's money he was convinced that the partnership would be a success.

The morning of the planned meeting came along with a phone call from Elton John asking if the meeting could be postponed so that he could go through the formality of informing the other directors of the club as to his intentions. This was agreed to without hesitation by Bobby. That was the last time that Bobby Moore heard from Elton John and a few weeks later Graham Taylor, an exponent of the dreaded long ball game, was appointed as the new boss of Watford and the rest is history.

What made Elton John change his mind only he knows but Bobby was never bitter about the way he was treated and was always quick to praise Taylor for the success he achieved but he also said that if he had been in charge then Watford would not have played the same way. Would Bobby have been as successful? Who knows? Speaking personally I have no time for kick and rush football and nor did Mooro, he subscribed to Pele's theory of the beautiful game.

This was the first of the instances of shabby treatment that were handed out to Bobby but not the last.


Escape to Vicory

Escape To Victory Cast

Realeased in 1981 Escape to Victory followed the story of Allied POW's forced to play in a football match as part of the Nazi propoganda machine.

Bobby Moore and Michael CaineThe cast featured Michael Caine, Max von Sydow, Sylvester Stallone and a collection of football stars from around the globe. Bobby Moore, Mike Sumerbee, Pele, Russell Osman, Osvaldo Ardilles, John Wark, Co Prins, Paul van Himst, Kazimierz Deyna, Hallvar Thoresen, Søren Lindsted, Kevin O'Callaghan.

The players all had a wonderful time during the filming and it was more like a holiday than work.

The dvd is available to buy all over the place, you even get to see Mooro score........