Bobby Moore Fund, Cancer Research UK

Bobby Moore suffered from cancer from the age of 24 and sadly died from the illness at the relatively young age of 51. Originally diagnosed with testicular cancer which resulted in the removal of a testicle shortly after leading West Ham to victory in the FA Cup in 1964 he eventually died from bowel cancer in 1993.

Bobby Moore Fund logoBobby's widow, Stephanie, has campaigned tirelessly
since his death to raise money to help in the fight
against cancer and you can see images of Mooro in
most of the current fund raising advertising
campaigns that are being run.

Bobby Moore Online wholheartedly support
the Bobby Moore Fund.Why not make a donation to the
charity that bears the great mans name? If you are
considering running a marathon or doing some sort
of sponsored event then why not donate the proceeds
to the Bobby Moore Fund? To find out more about the
Bobby Moore Fund please call on 020 7009 8881 or
email: or click on the Bobby Moore fund logo to visit the fund website.