1964 FA Cup

3rd Round

4th Jan 65

v Charlton (H)

3 - 0 Hurst, Brabrook, Sissons

4th Round

25th Jan 65

v Leyton Or (A)

1 - 1 Brabrook

4th Round rep

29th Jan 65

v Leyton Or (H)

3 - 0 Hurst (2) Byrne

5th Round

15th Feb 65

v Swindon T (A)

3 - 1 Hurst (2) Byrne

6th Round

29th Feb 65

v Burnley (H)

3 - 2 Byrne (2), Sissons

Semi Final

14th March 65

v Man Utd (H'Boro)

3 - 1 Boyce (2) Hurst


v Preston NE (Wembley)

3 - 2 Sissons, Hurst , Boyce

This was to be the first of Bobby Moore and West Hams "treble" of tournament victories in three years.

As is often the case the final itself was not up to the standard of previous rounds. Bobby Moore holds aloft the 1964 FA CupThe best performance came in the semi final against tournament favourites Manchester United at rain soaked and muddy Hillsborough.

The West Ham players and management were particularly disappointed with the performance as they were commited to playing open and attacking football.

In the final West Ham twice had to come from behind before finally taking the lead through Ronnie Boyce after some great work from Peter Brabrook in the second minute of injury time.

Bobby's own performance was one of a captain. Some of the tackling was a work of art and the positional play was sublime.

This victory was to give the Hammers the chance to test themselves against the cream of Europe in the Cup Winners Cup

1965 European Cup Winners Cup

1st Round 1st Leg (A)

23rd Sep 64

v La Gantoise

1 - 0 Boyce

1st Round 2nd Leg (H)

7th Oct 64

v La Gantoise

1 - 1 Byrne

Agg 2 - 1

2nd Round 1st Leg (H)

25th Nov 64

v Sparta Prague

2 - 0 Bond, Sealey

2nd Round 2nd Leg (A)

9th Dec 64

v Sparta Prague

1 - 2 Sissons

Agg 3 - 2

3rd Round 1st Leg (A)

16th Mar 65

v Lausanne

2 - 1 Dear, Byrne

3rd Round 2nd Leg (H)

23rd March 65

v Lausanne

4 - 3 Dear (2), Peters, Own Goal

Agg 6 - 4

Semi Final 1st Leg (H)

7th April 65

v Real Zaragoza

2 - 1 Dear, Byrne

Semi Final 2nd Leg (A)

28th April 65

v Real Zaragoza

1 - 1 Sissons

Agg 3 - 2


19th May 65

v TSV Munich 1860


2 - 0 Sealey (2)

This was the second final of Bobby Moore's personal "treble" of cup victories. The game itself was a superb demonstration of how football could be played with both West Ham and TSV Munich 1860 playing free flowing football. Both sides created opportunities to score but it was West Ham who were to run out winners 2- 0 with both goals being scored by Alan "Sammy" Sealey.

I have just finished watching the game again and you can only marvel at the performance of Bobby Moore. His composure on the ball and his vision are incredible especially when you consider that he was a centre half. All the players, from both sides, played well but Bobby seemed to have an aura of invincibility about him. Not once do you see him out of position or struggling to contain his man.Bobby Moore holds aloft the 1965 ECWC

The game was played in a wonderful spirit with none of the niggling or off the ball incidents that blight the game of today. There was one foul by the Munich 'keeper, Radenkovic, who pulled down Brian Dear when he was clean through on goal but the resulting free kick ended up with Sealey tapping home his and West Ham's second goal and justice was done.

The players and the manager were determined to put on a good show for the crowd after the FA Cup Final in 1964 in which the team felt they had not done themselves justice.

One of the most noticeable things about the older games like this is the lack of offside decisions, this allowed the game to flow a lot better which in turn gave the game a better tempo.

When the players bought the trophy home the streets were packed with supporters and there was a civic reception at East Ham Town Hall.